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Kai Tak Development (KTD)

Cruise Terminal Building and ancillary facilities for the Kai Tak Cruise Terminal Development

Project: Kai Tak Cruise Terminal Development - Cruise Terminal Building


Main Contractor:

Dragages Hong Kong Limited




JAM Grade 8.8 Threaded Rod M60 x 470mm c/w
 Grade 10 Nuts and Grade 4 Thin Nuts (Zinc Plated)

Pin for structural steelwork installation


316 (A4-70) Stainless Steel Bi-Metal #3 Hex Washer Head Self-Drilling Screw

Size: M5.5 x 25mm/ M5.5 x 32mm/ M5.5 x 38mm

316 (A4-50) Stainless Steel Bi-metal Flat Head Self-Drilling Screw M4.8x19mm & 316 (A4-70) Stainless Steel Bi-metal Pan Head Self-Drilling Screw M4.8x19mm

 Date: March 2013